God understands our grief

Being a believer, my faith has been rocky since September 6. Bombarded with statements such as “God knows best” or “Everything happens for a reason” really sent me over the edge.

As time passes by, the Word is showing me that God understands. He had to watch His only son die so that a greater purpose could be fulfilled. That must’ve been the hardest thing He had to do as a parent. Especially when Jesus asked Him to take the suffering because it was just too much to bear (Luke 22:42).

God understands our mourning. In the Bible, persons wore black and mourned for long periods. Why is it that when we do it we are chastised because ‘time’- which is relative- has already passed and we should somehow be ‘over this’ already? When Job was mourning, his friends cried and sat with him in silence in his suffering because they saw how great his pain was and they had no words (Job 2:12-13). Why can’t we do that today?

Why is our grief invisible to many?

The Bible shows us God is close to those who are hurting and down in spirit (Psalm 34:18). This gives me so much hope and peace as I go through each day. It is a verse I turn to whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed.

When I am weak, then I am strong (2 Cor 12:9-11). This strength that everyone sees isn’t my own. I owe it to God. I don’t know how I even get up some days when I feel like giving up. But God. God has never left my side. Because of that, I am trusting in His grace again.

Guess what friends? Death isn’t the end. Jesus conquered death. This gives me HOPE. My son died and left me here on earth and soon I will be reunited with him. I can’t tell you how exhilarating that vision is for me. All tears will be wiped away and there’ll be no more sorrow or mourning (Rev. 21:4).

What a day it’ll be to see our loved ones again who’ve gone before us! Until then, I’m living to make my son, DJ, proud of his mom for keeping his memories alive.

Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty or judge you for grieving the loss of your child. We are called to grieve. Grieving is how we cope. Many persons in the Bible grieved whenever they went through a loss. Your tears are warranted.

Grief comes before the comfort.


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