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Dads grieve too: 5 things I learned after the death of my baby

Today's guest blog post is from Damani's daddy. I wanted to close October with a reminder that our fathers deserve as much support during their grief and that their voices also need to be heard. Side note: Damani is his father's exact replica! 1. A lot of people aren't educated on maternal health topics In… Continue reading Dads grieve too: 5 things I learned after the death of my baby

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When your support system doesn’t provide ‘support’

Having a great support system during pregnancy or baby loss seems to be quite rare. In addition to the excruciating grief, we 'must' educate persons on how to offer support to us. Since pregnancy and baby loss are so taboo in our society, some seem to not know what to say or do to comfort… Continue reading When your support system doesn’t provide ‘support’

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The Fear, Joy, Sacrifice and Heartbreak of Baby Loss

The Fear Back in 2016, I had a miscarriage at 15 weeks +3 days. I was so heartbroken that I was afraid to even get pregnant again because I felt that the same thing would have happened again. I stayed as far away from pregnancy as I could, but I knew I had to get… Continue reading The Fear, Joy, Sacrifice and Heartbreak of Baby Loss

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Dads grieve too!


Being a Rock in a Hard Place

Grief is hard! Really. Bloody. Hard.

The sad reality is that everybody is grieving for something, whether it is the loss of a loved one, the loss of a relationship, perhaps the last season of Game of Thrones didn’t turn out the way they had hoped. Regardless, grief is something we have all been through in some form or another. Of course, there are times in life when that loss is significantly greater than others.

My first REAL dance with grief happened in 2013 when my brother passed away on Christmas morning, following the diagnosis of a brain tumour just three months prior. The cancer did not only take my brother, it took away a beloved husband, son and father to two young children. The entire community felt our loss. We have some strange traditions in Ireland, not least the tradition of having…

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God understands our grief

Being a believer, my faith has been rocky since September 6. Bombarded with statements such as "God knows best" or "Everything happens for a reason" really sent me over the edge. As time passes by, the Word is showing me that God understands. He had to watch His only son die so that a greater… Continue reading God understands our grief